We use the HomeGauge computerized home inspection reporting system. This means our reports are available to our Customers and their agents on the Internet as soon as the report is completed.

To view and print these reports on the internet all that is needed is your web browser. There is no plug-in required or any other kind of reader needed. You will be emailed a link to view the report with a user name and password. This email only contains a link to the report and does not have any attachments. This means you do not need to download large email attachments and you do not need to worry about email viruses. If you need help please contact us at:

Direct/text: (760)885-7414


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Almost no home is going to be perfect (even new or recently built construction). Inspectors will discover issues needing attention or repair and other things that the buyer and/or seller should be aware of. This sample home inspection report reflects a number of different issues (not all) that can be found in a home.

We deliver our reports to our clients and their agents via the Internet and they can be viewed very easily. Please click on the link below for our sample report.

If you have any question about the home inspection report or what items/components are inspected please contact us at:


>>>Click here to view sample report<<<